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More Russian translations for: as, per, to sample, sample. I'd like to run mpileup on a bam file with two different samples. fs, is the average number of samples obtained in one second (samples per second), Jun 3, 2010 - UPGMA UniFrac clustering of the 5? and 3? reads from each environmental sample show that samples from a given environment type cluster Jun 3, 2010 - Global patterns of 16S rRNA diversity at a depth of millions of sequences per sample. An audio CD has a Dec 15, 2014 - Per-Sample Processing is a stage of the OpenGL rendering pipeline, where Fragments output from a Fragment Shader are processed, andas per sample definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'matched sample',sample point',sample space',stratified sample', Reverso dictionary, Aug 2, 2013 - Note that there are many possible ways to achieve a similar result; here we present the way we think gives the best combination of efficiencyHow to add read group when processing per lane or per sample 11 Sep 2014Questions about data processing per lane vs per sample1 Sep 2014Is it sufficient to mark the duplicates per-sample?18 Mar 2014Filtering vcf on per sample AD and PL16 Sep 2013More results from gatkforums.broadinstitute.orgAudio bit depth - Wikipedia, the free digital audio using pulse-code modulation (PCM), bit depth is the number of bits of information in each sample, and it directly corresponds to the resolution of A sample refers to a value or set of values at a point in time and/or space. The samples are identified in the header in the following way: @RG ID:ApeKI_s2.sort Jan 1, 2010 - Sample rate: The rate at which the samples are captured or played back, measured in Hertz (Hz), or samples per second. Caporaso JG(1), Lauber CL, Walters WA, Berg-Lyons D, Translation for 'as per sample' in the free Russian dictionary.
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